How Much Stress Do Weight Worries Create for You?


The contribution of the holidays aside, stress is a constant in our lives.  What we often don’t realize, however, is how much concern about weight can cloud all we do, adding stress to even the happiest situations.

A timely example:  You’re invited to a holiday party but don’t have anything to wear.  You don’t want to go shopping because you know you’ll have a tough time finding anything that looks good on you. Plus, you worry about the food.  Will it be rich?  Will you be able to resist eating too much of it, giving up all hope of managing emotional eating as you reach for yet another bite?  Will you gain weight as a result?  Will all eyes be focused on you as you eat — you know they’ll be wondering why someone who looks like you has no willpower, or someone who has type 2 diabetes or who just ‘lost all that weight,’ would make the choice to eat such food.
Whether your worries are founded in reality or not, the issue is the same.  We add enormous stress to our lives with such thoughts, that are ruled by our image of ourselves as fat, undeserving and unacceptable.
One of our oldie but goodie FitBriefingsAccept Your Wonderful Self — speaks to the issue of body image, self-esteem and liking who we are — which is much more than what we weigh.
Are you aware of how much weight worries create stress in your life?  Isn’t it time to begin supporting yourself with your thoughts instead?

2 responses to “How Much Stress Do Weight Worries Create for You?”

  1. Anne Lee says:

    I agree with the stress of weight worries. I already know that when I go to holiday parties, there’s no resisting for me. What I try to do is maybe attempt to lose a pound or two prior to attending the party. But that usually doesn’t work. The problem also comes when there are more parties close together. Then I have to worry about the pounds adding up and not having any time in between to get back in balance. I also try to do a little bit more exercise to help, but that also doesn’t seem to work either. Just as life. It’s interesting.

  2. Helene says:

    Thanks for your contribution to Take Charge of Your Health Care Carnival. You make an excellent point. We have enough stress in our life without constantly worrying about weight and an occasional dietary indiscretion.

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