How Can I Eat if I Don’t Know Calorie Content?


Not infrequently, we receive some rather outraged email from women regarding our recipes. How can you be a "weight loss" center and not provide calorie, fat, carb, etc content? How am I supposed to eat this food?

Now if you think about it, for thousands of years no one had caloric content of their meals, and yet they managed to eat and thrive. Now in an age when one could argue that humankind is at another apex of knowledge and sophistication, no one knows how to eat without a biochemical analysis of their food. And furthermore, what do "calories" really mean on a personal level anyway – see the cartoon at right.

Here is our answer to these questions…

We intentionally do not provide information such as calories, fat and carb grams, etc.  Our program teaches women how to make healthy choices based on balance (as you will see, at the bottom of each recipe is a notation that tells what kind of food it provides, e.g, Grains & Starchy Vegetables, Protein Foods or Vegetables & Fruits).  We also help women learn to listen to their bodies’ cues to tell them when they need to eat and when they have had enough.  Nutrition information as mentioned above distracts many women from listening to those cues — they get caught up in preconceived notions about how much they ‘should’ eat and become distrustful of their bodies’ cues which may tell them sometimes to eat more or less.

I hope this helps you understand why we don’t list nutrition information.

…and I hope you’ll try out our free Recipes for Living at or on this blog (select "Healthy Recipes" in the topic search.

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