Hollywood’s Holiday Diet Secrets


Ok, you know we weren’t going to support any ‘tricks or secrets’ – especially where womens weight loss advice is concerned.  ‘Dieting’ – not being the most popular term around these parts. But, after reading this week’s US Weekly cover story, I was bemused to find the following quotes:

Diet ‘tricks’ straight to you from celebrity women who apparently know a thing or two about tricking!

“Oprah Winfrey tells US she ate green soup and almonds for weeks so she could fit into her Vera Wang gown.”  – US Weekly

– A raise of hands from those who believe Oprah can still fit into that gown?

“I like to pick, so it never feels like I’m really eating”. – Kelly Ripa

– And feeling like you’re eating is a bad thing, why exactly??

“If you’re serious about not gaining weight during the holiday, bring a container of fruit to parties.” – Cameron Shayne, fitness trainer to stars like Courtney Cox.

– I wonder if that container of fruit comes in regular or evening Tupperware.

“I feel the holiday’s already. I try and go to the gym when I can and skip a few meals.” – Shannon Elizabeth

– Now that’s sound advice! I know skipping meals has always worked for me long term!

“On Thanksgiving none of the food is good for you.” – Hillary Duff

– Ok, she’s only 19.

Hollywood gals who get our thumbs up!

“Don’t eat too much, but eat everything you want!”  – Julianna Margulies

     – Now there’s a woman with a beautiful head on her shoulders!

“You want to be able to have pumpkin pie. It is a festive occasion, who wants to be bitter because someone is having bread and you’re not?”  – Garcelle Beauvais-Nilson

– Bread and just about anything else!

“I think you can eat whatever you want…in moderation” – Alyssa Milano

– Who’s the boss? You are Alyssa!

Happy Turkey Day!  (And everything that you desire that goes along with it!)

Bon Appetit!!

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