Enjoy Your Holidays Without Weight Worries


Tips for Managing Your Weight during the holidays

  • Aim to maintain.
    • Don’t get sidetracked by weight worries in the face of holiday traditions. (Indeed, we don’t encourage a focus on weight any time!) Maintain your healthy habits and revel in the pleasures of the season.
  • Eat what you want.
    • Only by giving yourself permission to eat whatever you want, can you decide what you really want.
  • Keep walking.
    • Enough said.
  • Take care.
    • Create opportunities to nurture yourself and celebrate your commitment making yourself a priority.
  • Think positive.
    • At the close of the season, even if you feel like you’ve overdone it a bit, keep your thoughts focused on the future. It’s not what goes on between Thanksgiving and the December holidays that makes the real difference in our lives. It’s what goes on the other 11 months of the year

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Marsha Hudnall, MS, RDN, CD

If you’re looking for an embodiment of dedication disguised as obsession, look no further. Marsha is a registered dietitian who has spent the last four decades working to help women give up dieting rules and understand how to truly take care of themselves. Her mission in life is to help women learn to enjoy eating and living well, without worries about their weight. She encourages women to embrace their love of food, which you might call being a foodie. If so, it’s appropriate because being a foodie means you pay attention when you eat. That’s a recipe made in heaven for eating well. Marsha is the President and Co-Owner of Green Mountain at Fox Run.

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