Holiday Survival Tips: Tackling Turkey & Beyond


Thanksgiving is One Day A Year

It’s that time of year when everywhere we turn we hear people providing weight loss information tips on how to stick to your healthy eating goals on Thanksgiving Day.

This is a subject we talk about often in our healthy weight loss program at Green Mountain at Fox Run. Being prepared for the holiday gathering and using strategies to minimize overeating (but also knowing that some overeating is to be expected and is okay) are great ideas, but I’d like to instead focus on what happens before and after the Thanksgiving meal instead.

Remember that one day/meal of overeating isn’t going to make or break anyone’s healthy weight program or overall healthy eating patterns.

What Are You Doing with the Other 364 Days?

Consistently making changes on the majority of the other days of the year versus fretting over our eating on Thanksgiving Day will very likely help us reach and maintain our healthy weight a lot more efficiently.

Getting nervous a week before Thanksgiving or using every ounce of energy we have to avoid the dessert table on Thanksgiving is clearly not the best use of our time and energy and really doesn’t let us enjoy the day.

Spend More Time Laughing than Eating

One way to take the focus off food is to think instead about how to spend the time with family and friends.

While giving the food the credit it deserves, taking the focus off eating as our main form of entertainment may help us more easily leave the dinner table feeling satisfied, having eaten as much as we want, but not so much that we feel stuffed and uncomfortable.

Some of my favorite ideas for pre-meal activities are board games, card games, holiday themed puzzles, showing home videos, karaoke, flipping through photo albums, reading holiday stories to children, crafts with kids (and adults) and any party game I come across. I want to spend more time laughing than eating and you can’t easily do both at the same time!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving Day activities? Flying kites as shown in our picture above is a great way to spend some fun family time.

Thanks to shlomaster via stock.xchng for the picture.

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