Holiday Shopping – The Workout


When the holidays roll around there’s lots to do. Every year I start out with great intentions, but no matter how well I plan ahead I still find myself running around like a crazy woman, picking up last minute stocking stuffers or trying to find something essential like chestnuts.

When our daily schedules are thrown for a loop like they are during the holidays, other things can get thrown to the wayside – like our fitness programs. Although, it may be less than an hour out of your day, with all that juggling, exercise is still an easy ball to drop.

I like to think about activity during the holidays a bit differently. There are many ways to make all that running around work for you. This doesn’t mean you should throw the baby out with the bath water, it just means there are many ways to incorporate some purposeful fitness activity while you’re running around doing Santa’s business.

Here are some tips to start you thinking:

  • While standing in those long lines, remember to keep your feet shoulder width apart and remain soft in the knees. Hold your tummy in tight for 30 seconds and release. If you’re holding heavy bags and they have handles, try some curls. (This also works great with laundry detergent in the supermarket!).
  • Walk briskly, with purpose, to and from stores. Hold your head up and breathe!
  • When taking the escalator ‘up’ – walk, don’t ride.
  • Sometimes you have no choice but to park far away from your intended destination. If you normally walk for exercise, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of all your ‘training’ – because walking will not seem like a chore.
  • The ladies dressing room is a great place to get a few stretches in. When your back is aching or your feet are about to give way – sneak in and go through some light stretches. This will help you get your second wind.
  • Remember when you’re squatting or lifting during the holidays really think about the motion – squat and push up with your legs, not your back.
  • Pack healthy snacks and toss them in your handbag before you take off and eat frequently, this will stave off hunger and keep you feeling focused and energized.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and definitely wear those tennis shoes!

Here’s to Healthy, Happy, Holiday Shopping!

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