Holiday Musings: Learning from Overindulgence


Beth is back with a story that many of us might relate to, especially during this time of year.

I got drunk.

alcohol quote a good preservative for everything but brainsNot “slightly inebriated” or “in my cups” but “three sheets to the wind”.  Well, maybe only two but I was certainly feeling no pain.

Last Tuesday night I hosted (thank goodness, no drinking and driving) the annual Christmas party for my Scrabble club.  We are a group of 12 women and we celebrate Christmas at my home each year.

What happened?  I don’t know – chalk it up to the holiday season.  I made a batch of appletinis and I didn’t stop drinking them until I saw the bottom of the carafe.  The bottom was spinning and was blurry by the time I saw it.

You know what happened next, all the things that Marsha warned of (or in my case – predicted) in her article on drinking and weight.  She pointed out the pitfalls of over drinking and I hate to tell you I didn’t miss a one.

Then I ate the “last” of everything.

While cleaning up at night’s end, I ate the “last” of everything.  The last Mexican flauta, the last few meatballs, the last chunk of brie, the last four cookies, the last three chicken fingers and, as if there were any sane reason at all, I grabbed a handful of M&Ms from the rapidly diminishing bowl as I walked around gathering plates and glasses.

Next day I had to “feed the beast”.  No plate model, no mindful eating, no being present  – it was more like scarfing down as many carbs as I could in an attempt to feel better.  As we all know, it didn’t work.

alcohol and weight infographicExercise was not an option for fear of vomiting all over the treadmill.  No, this was a full-blown hangover. I went with it – drank lots of fluids and walked around muttering to myself all day about what a #$%^&* I am.  Self-flagellation maybe but I’d like to think of it as self-scolding.  I knew better.  I knew what would happen and I did it anyway.

So where’s the learning?

Well, here’s a lesson for sure.  The second drink is the same as the last, for me anyway.  What I mean by that is that, by the second drink, I have lost perspective.

“Better stick to just one cocktail tonight” becomes “What the hell, it’s Christmas!  What’s one more (or three)?  Oh heck, pass that triple chocolate cake over here and hand me a fork.  No, I don’t need a knife to cut a slice, just hand me the cake and a fork!”

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Here’s the second lesson: The way I feel the next day, both physically and emotionally, is not good and I don’t want to feel that way.

I want to feel good, as good as I described in my last blog, so I need to keep that goal in my brain, front and center, as I attend the next few parties.

Happy holidays, everyone, and a happy, healthy and mindful New Year!

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  1. AmberLynn Pappas says:

    Hang in there Beth! At least you’re always learning from your choices. Life is about constantly learning and it’s okay to fail once in awhile because that’s how we learn.

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