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How many diet plans or diet tools have we stumbled on over the years and thought, “maybe THIS could be the thing that works for me?”  It’s normal to be hopeful when, having been let down by all other weight loss options, something new comes along.  If we haven’t tried it, we are excited about the prospects of trying something different.

I stumbled upon a blurb about a new weight loss tool today, a robotic weight loss coach!  That’s what got me thinking about the amazing amount of money people must spend on gadgets, meal plans, counseling, meal-replacement shakes, medications, you name it, all in the name of weight loss.  I’m not saying anything good or bad about this cute little robot, I just know for a fact that logging my daily intake on her computer-screen belly wouldn’t help me stop snacking at night…

Trying new plans and diet tools without addressing the root of the problem will likely not pan out in the end.  When it comes to weight loss success, I still stand by focusing on changing beliefs & old thinking errors that have encouraged negative habits or patterns with food.

What thinking errors have you identified as obstacles to making positive changes?

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  1. Two of the biggest thinking errors I made were, #1 that I would lose weight “some day” and #2 that there was a “magic pill” out there that would make the weight fall off me (and I don’t necessarily mean a pill, although if it took that form that would be cool).

    That was well before I actively participated in addressing the root of the problem. When I did that, I lost significant weight. But there were a couple of elements that hadn’t been addressed and so I regained weight. Those two elements were #1 changing my beliefs about myself and #2 addressing some physical issues.

    So yeah, in a way there is a “formula” but it’s as unique as each of us…

  2. Heather says:

    “That’s just how I am.” Deadly. Lets you off the hook with no possible opening for change. Have a blog post coming about that on Monday, actually…

  3. Robyn says:

    Karen, I remember telling myself that too. When I was at my worst with food & bingeing I’d say “the heck with it; I’ll focus on repairing the damage I’m doing now later.” What’s interesting to me know is that my idea of “later” was never tomorrow or next week; it was more like 6 months or next year. I didn’t want to deal with it because it had become too overwhelming to me at that point. The irony is that specific thinking error of “I’ll do it later, it’s too hard now,” only set the stage for making it 5 times harder to deal with when “later” finally rolled around.

  4. Karen (KCL Anderson) above hit it very well. For most (if not all) of my clients, how I’ve helped them make those positive changes is by looking outside of food: how they view themselves; their wishful thinking that a magic pill (or diet, or plan, or book) would ‘save’ them; and not looking at the root of the problem.

    Which more times than not, is not about the food. As a society, and especially as women, we need to establish a positive relationship with food, with ourselves, with our bodies…and heck, with our lives….before we can make those changes and lose weight permanently.

    Great post!
    .-= Dinneen @ Eat Without Guilt’s last blog post..What the Diet Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know =-.

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