Healthy Weight Week 2015 Starts Monday!


Hang on to your hats, folks. It’s Healthy Weight Week next week!

Okay, maybe we’re a little more excited than you are at this point. But we’ve been working on this for a while now and are excited with all we’ve got to share.

About Healthy Weight Week


If you’re not familiar with Healthy Weight Week, this is its 22nd year of life. It was started by healthy weight pioneer Francie Berg to help change the focus from weight to health, something we’ve been about at Green Mountain since our beginning 41 years ago.

That’s because a focus on weight often leads people in the wrong direction. They try diets and all kinds of crazy weight loss schemes that end up not only leading to weight gain the vast majority of the time, but also commonly lead to poor health.

Green Mountain took over sponsorship of Healthy Weight Week last year. This year, we’ve got some great activities in store that include new infographics, inspirational memes and great blog posts that will help you end the search for weight loss to start living healthfully and often much more happily.

Healthy Weight Week 2015 schedule

A few highlights:

“Don’t Try Harder, Try Different” Meme

don't try harder try different memeOur new meme that sums it all up simply and can serve as a refreshing reminder of the importance of experimentation in finding what works for you. You’re the expert in your own body, which is why mindfulness is such a powerful tool in helping you figure out what works for you.

“What is Support?” Infographic

what is support infographic weight lossOur new infographic that gives insight into how to truly support women who struggle with eating and weight. A must see for friends and family who want to help their loved ones with this struggle.

Our “Fad Diet Libs Game”

healthy weight week - fad diet libs Bringing some lightheartedness to what is often such a serious topic.

Free Webinar: “Neuroscience of Change: Why We Fall Off Diets”

Understand how to use what we know about how to change habits effectively. Hint: Mindfulness is key. REGISTER TODAY

“Be Happy Now” Infographic

be happy now infographicOur new infographic that reminds us how to stop putting our lives on hold until we lose weight.

Why the Scale Can Do More Harm than Good  

We unveiled this infographic last year and it’s such a good one, we’re highlighting it again. A worthwhile read for anyone who wonders whether weighing themselves is a good idea.

We hope you’ll join in with us on Facebook and Twitter (hashtag #gmfr and #healthyweightweek).

3 responses to “Healthy Weight Week 2015 Starts Monday!”

  1. cbowes2015 says:

    I need the “What is Support” Infograph for my Facebook. It is another new year and again a few people decide my weight is going to be their project for the year!

  2. Thank you so much for this! I look forward to every post and will definitely be following and sharing.

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