Healthy Weight Management – Step One: Stop Weighing Yourself!


Marsha is on vacation this week, so I looked in her archives and came up with one of my favorite Marsha posts. This particular post struck me because I speak to women daily who still struggle with an unhealthy attachment to the scale, calorie counting and exercise.

Here, at Green Mountain at Fox Run, we discourage using the scale as a measurement of success. In fact, when you participate in our program, you’ll only get weighed once, maybe twice, before we send you on your way. We like to celebrate other ways to measure success and there are many.

Here is the post from 2005 which, in my view, is worth another read.
It’s Official, You’ll Do Much Better If You Stop Counting Calories & Weighing Yourself!

2 responses to “Healthy Weight Management – Step One: Stop Weighing Yourself!”

  1. Cintia says:

    I needed this today, thanks for the encouragement. I’ve been weighing myself daily but I do much better when I don’t weigh myself that often. I usually use the ‘out of sight out of mind’ approach by taking my scale from the bathroom to my ‘hidding’ it in my closet in a place I don’t go to often. I’m doing that when I get home. Thanks again.

  2. Yeah I really agree. Weight yourself too frequently is a recipe for disaster. This is largely due to the fact that our weight fluctuates so much due to the high levels of fluid in our body and as such does not represent a true reflection of how we are going

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