For Healthy Weight Loss: What’s In Your Fridge?


This from the website of our clinical advisor and colleague Karin Kratina, RD, PhD:

What’s in your fridge? For those of us who are fortunate enough not only to be able to buy the foods we want and need, but also confident enough to bring them into our home, a “full fridge” embodies much more than the foods inside.

Let’s reach inside and discover what’s in a “full fridge.” In the crunchy, creamy, spicy, sweet, and salty rainbow of colors and shapes on the shelves, we will find:

Body wisdom — our intuitive awareness of what we need and want — is in the simplicity of the carton of milk and the clarity of the bottled water.

Body trust — the honoring of our needs and wants with abundance — is in every single grape in the bunch.

Body and Self acceptance — appreciating our complexity of feelings, strengths, and weaknesses — is in the cherry-walnut-goat cheese-mixed greens salad and the tuna noodle casserole.

Peace and Power — replenishing ourselves with nourishing connections and food, maintaining balance and a normal blood sugar — are packed into that pudding and the leftover pizza.

Joy –- the expression of our enthusiasm and creativity — reverberates in the chunky chocolate raspberry ice cream and the strawberry-kiwi-cantaloupe compote.

For those who aren’t aware of it, Karin is talking about, among other things, the fact that healthy eating includes giving ourselves permission to eat the things we like, and not getting caught up in good/bad food thoughts that stand in the way of healthy weights or healthy weight loss.

She’s also talking about mindful eating (or intuitive eating) as a way of getting in touch with what we really want, which is often more than the taste/texture of food alone, but also the other things that food represents in our lives.

Karin’s stuff is heady…if you want to read more, check out her website. She’s got some great stuff for helping us move forward in our thinking about how we feed – and nurture – ourselves, whether we just want to eat healthy or manage health-related issues such as PCOS.

2 responses to “For Healthy Weight Loss: What’s In Your Fridge?”

  1. Maryann says:

    While I’m definitely into mindful eating, I’ve also experienced what happens when the mind becomes a dictator during dieting. I finished coaches training with Martha Beck, who writes a monthly column in “O Magazine”. I bought her book mainly to read more of her philosophy and tools for transformation. The fact that I’m overweight by about 70 pounds also made me a bit curious. Her philosophy of weight loss is that it’s all about bringing your body, essential self, on board rather than letting your mind become a controlling dictator. Some people are already there and “think like skinny people”. I wasn’t and spent four months getting my body ready for the process of mindful eating to regain wellness.
    I’d recommend the book “The Four Day Win”. I was really surprised how much I had mentally sabatoged a weight loss attempt, because my mind was playing taskmaster to my body.

  2. Marsha Hudnall says:

    Hi, Maryann,

    Thanks for your insight. I don’t know the book, but what you say makes sense. I couldn’t get to your blog. did you give us the correct url?


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