Foodie Friday Video: Healthy Snack Ideas that Satisfy


One key to managing hunger and disordered eating is to have a few ideas for healthy snacks. Letting yourself get too hungry is a major trap if you’re aiming to become a normal eater. Once you get too hungry, eating rich processed foods (a bag of chips is pretty easy to grab and go, after all) and eating too much too fast (polishing off said bag of chips) become much more likely. If you generally go longer than 3-5 hours between your meals, you will probably benefit from adding snacks to your menu.

In today’s Foodie Friday video, registered dietitian Robyn Priebe gives several snack ideas that will keep you satisfied between meals and help prevent overeating later. Having the ingredients for a few of these snacks easily accessible can help you manage your hunger. For the greatest sense of satisfaction from your snacks, try to have a mix of foods that contain carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber and fluid. Hint: an apple and piece of cheese or nut butter are a pretty perfect pair.

Watch the video to get more ideas and tell us your favorite go-to snack.

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