Healthy Self Esteem in Hollywood – Where ‘O Where ART Thou?


I tried watching Desperate Housewives. I t looked like it might be fun when it first came out, but I grew weary of its manipulative style very quickly. Yet, it’s still on and apparently getting good enough ratings to return for a fifth season.

Quite by accident, I happened across it last week only to discover that one of the main housewives, Eva Longoria’s character ‘Gabby’, now has a couple of children – fat ones.

What I saw in just a few minutes was Eva, shopping with her overweight daughter (who, by the way, looks exactly like I did until I was about 12 -adorable!), for some kind of princess/party dress at a costume store. Of course, it doesn’t fit, and so the humiliation begins.

In an effort to add to the hilarity, the adults portrayed, show all the compassion of a tube of toothpaste. Ignorance and insensitivity abound! Later, the young girl is shown eating a half a sheet of birthday cake at the party and even more ridiculous the clueless Longoria, repeatedly tricks her child into running along side her car while she stops and starts as the young girl tries to open the door and get in, this, in an effort, to get her to exercise.

I confess I know next to nothing about her plot line. But, I guess I know enough to understand that her fat children are supposed to be her penance. Gabby was the neighborhood sexpot who ran around in her underwear while cheating on her husband with the gardener. Now she’s going to pay, right?

To the writers, directors, producers and overpaid actors of Desperate Housewives, way to live up to your name…desperate.

Judge for yourself. Video

2 responses to “Healthy Self Esteem in Hollywood – Where ‘O Where ART Thou?”

  1. I stopped watching this show after the first season because it just became ridiculous. Sounds like it’s only gone more down hill.

  2. Shannon says:

    I also stopped watching this show after the first or second season. Ironically enough, my mother and I watched it together religiously the first season, when I was in high school. It’s ironic because when I was a child I a bit chubby, but truly nothing I couldn’t have gotten myself out of when I grew and understood health better; but my mother was constantly reminding me that I was chubby and making me feel inferior to anyone with thin legs and a small waist. She always claimed to have been chubby when she was a child, but when I see pictures of her in her adolescence all I see is a normal little girl.

    Eva Longoria’s character, though thin and beautiful is a text book example of self-consciousness and bad body image. This behavior is seen constantly in the media and I’ve heard quite a few real stories about young girls being put down by their mothers. With all of the knowledge and resources out there today for mothers, why does this cycle continue?

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