Recipe Modification – Modify It or Make the Real Deal?


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Brownie with Nuts

I’m a fan of recipe modification and all about sneaking vegetables and legumes into anything I can think of.  Sadly sometimes my attempt at making something healthy fails big-time.  Exhibit A:  tonight’s attempt at zucchini & black bean brownies.  These may sound nasty, but I know I can get this right….eventually.  Until then, I’ll stick to Green Mountain’s famous Chocolate Zucchini Cake.

In the meantime, it got me thinking about attempts to modify recipes entirely for the purpose of weight loss or decreasing caloric content.  This I am NOT a fan of.  While I want my brownies to be a vehicle for vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals, I don’t want them to taste like an old shoe either.   If the intent of modifying a recipe is to get everything “bad” out (fat, sugar, white flour….) I fail to see the point, if it yields something that does not taste at all like the original.

I have made both black bean brownies and zucchini brownies that are amazing.  They taste like brownies but have the added benefit of something snuck in there to make them better for me.  I’d prefer to focus on adding the “good” instead of eliminating the “bad.”  I’d apply this to making behavior change too.  I’d rather identify a new habit I’d like to start than focus on an old habit I need to stop.  It makes for a more positive outlook and in the world of brownies, a better tasting dessert.

What new positive habits have you picked up lately?  If not a new habit, have you improved  a recipe lately?  Lastly, does anyone have a recipe for zucchini-black bean brownies you’d like to send me?

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  1. Enjoying your food is just as important as getting the nutrients you need from it. If it doesn’t taste good, you probably won’t keep it as part of your meal plan for very long. I’m a huge fan of healthy, tasty eats that are easy to incorporate into your day! Love that you are working on a healthified brownie recipe and I can’t wait to see the final results.

  2. Kari says:

    I have to admit I do modify my recipes for weigh loss/healthy eating-but I don’t ‘take away’ things, I substitute ingredients. For example white sugar for sweetener or raw unprocessed sugar, or white bleached flour for whole wheat flour…etc.
    That in itself has been my biggest change this year in terms of picking up a good habit..making better choices with my ingredients when I cook or bake. Of course it doesn’t always work..but can only keep trying!

  3. Thanks for the chocolate zucchini cake recipe. It seems like zucchini works well as a filler to make the brownie better for you.

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