Healthy Recipe: Tunisian Bread Salad


Last week I posted an article about how a healthy eating lifestyle based on a Mediterrean diet can prevent type 2 diabetes. Today’s healthy recipe is from the land down under bread salad that’s perfect as a side for BBQs and picnics.  G’day, mate!

Makes 4 servings

4 flatbreads (turkish, naan or ciabatta are suggestions, but also try to get mix in high fiber flatbreads)
Sea salt
5 oz. extra virgin olive oil
2 small red onions, peeled and finely sliced into rings
1-2 oz. cider vinegar (or lemon juice)
12 cherry tomatoes, halved
6 spring onions, sliced
Handful flat parsley, chopped
Small handful basil leaves, torn

Preheat oven to 350 F. Tear bread into pieces and place into a roasting dish. Sprinkle liberally with salt, drizzle over half the oil and toss well. Bake 10 minutes, toss again, then continue to bake until crisp and coloured. Meanwhile, mix red onion rings with the vinegar in a large bowl. Stand 10 minutes then add cherry tomatoes, spring onions, parsley, basil and the remaining oil. Mix in the toasted bread, stand 5 minutes, toss again then serve.

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    I think I’ll be trying this at home. 🙂

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