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Today’s post is about pain. The pain I’m sometimes in after working out with weights. I know working out with weights is very important. Building strength and stamina though exercise is one of the major benefits, but lately, when I pick up the weights, I pay later with pain in some of my joints. The temptation is to stop because it hurts, but the fact is you have to exercise smarter, not harder – and certainly don’t stop.

One of the bummers of getting older is, our muscles tend to atrophy. This means they may not be supporting our joints as well as they use to and all our joints, especially those in our knees, hips and back need shock absorption. With out it, the painful effects of arthritis, especially osteoporosis (OA), are magnified.

OA never gets better and cannot be cured. But the good news is, you can eliminate some of the effect of the wear and tear on your joints by losing weight and building up the muscle around the joint. The more pain you’re experiencing the less likely you’ll work the area – hence no progress. Caution: you must begin to exercise slowly. You can easily irritate the area instead of help it. Working with an experienced exercise physiologist, or better yet, a physical therapist who can help you identify what type of exercise you can do to help minimize your pain and begin building that all important strength.

Remember that ‘more is better’ doesn’t apply when you’re exercising with arthritis. You need to work with your compromised joints. Be good to your body and it will be good to you.

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