Healthy Living – Spring Ahead and Fall Back.


Yippee! Saturday night (well, technically at 2 a.m. on Sunday), we can all set our clocks ahead  – think SPRINGTIME!

In honor of spring I thought it would be a good idea to try and put a little spring in my step by going out to do some shopping this weekend.  It’s time for some new workout threads and I was reminded how invigorating it can be tossing out the old and bringing in something brand spanky new.

Even exchanging your dingy socks with a fresh pair of crispy white ones can put a skip in your step.  Replacing your old tired tees and tennies with ones that are comfortable and well suited to your workout can make a big difference.  Clothes that stretch, breathe and most importantly fit!

I think it is important to ‘gear up’ for exercise the same way you do for any other event that is important to you.  I’m not implying you go out and buy the most expensive athletic wear you can find just to prove how serious you are.  Or waiting one more minute to go out for a walk because you don’t think you have ‘the right clothes’.  I’m talking about making a commitment to your new active lifestyle by treating your fitness activity and more importantly your body with respect.

When you start a fitness routine you figure out all kinds of things.  Too many layers, not enough layers, shirts that pull and drag as you sweat… or the dreaded undies that ride up or bras that give way under duress.  It’s important to appreciate the kind of exercise you’ll be doing when putting together exercise apparel that will endure your workout and keep you feeling comfortable.

At ‘A Weight Lifted’ we appreciate that shopping for good athletic wear can be challenging.  In the next few weeks we’ll be adding a shopping link to our blog featuring athletic wear, books and tapes we think you may find useful.  In the mean time, here are a few links that could assist you in gearing up for your next fitness adventure!


2 responses to “Healthy Living – Spring Ahead and Fall Back.”

  1. LisaN says:

    Activewear, day wear, work clothes, or even pajamas, fit is important. If clothes are too loose, you look bigger than you really are, and if they’re too tight, you look fatter than you really are, plus, I don’t think it’s healthy to wear clothes that are too tight.

    Good post…………..:)

  2. Phyllis says:

    Is there such thing as activewear? Not for us poor folk, we find cheap sweats do the trick. Maybe I’m off base here but isn’t the goal of working out to stay healthy? A mind – body connection always keeping the focus inward.

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