Healthy Living: Oprah…Another Diet?


1077712_scale_series_4 Oprah, Oprah, Oprah. You can see it coming a mile away – the weight gain. A successful, powerful woman who is confident, smart, courageous and passionate – but still diets to lose weight.

I’m not judging Oprah. What weight struggling woman doesn’t feel compassion and empathy when we see one of our own go up and down the scale every few years? It hurts. It’s demoralizing. And it can’t be healthy. Not to mention she does it in front of all our eyes.

Over the years I’ve refused to go to even the most casual dinner with my friends because I felt ‘fat’ (not something I’m proud of), but, regardless of her size, Oprah walks regally down the red carpet for God knows what major event knowing the whole world will be talking about her every crook and cranny. The pressure must be enormous, but there she is. She doesn’t seem to shrink from her commitments – so kudos to her for that.

Oprah isn’t a God or a deity – although sometimes she plays one on TV. She’s a contemporary woman in our culture who struggles. And whether she knows it or not, every time her struggle hits the cover of tabloids or the nightly news (and it does), we learn something. No matter how much money, power and influence you have, conquering a weight problem is tough and diets don’t work .

PS: I’m sure she’ll be offering womens weight loss advice to all her viewers regarding her newest regime. So, viewer beware! Cuz if it walks like a diet…

4 responses to “Healthy Living: Oprah…Another Diet?”

  1. Dieting is hard. But learning about nutrion and what foods pack a lot of nutrion in a small amount of calories can be learned and will help. Exercising regularly will help with weight management also. I do think some people struggle more than others but the more knowledge you have about food, the more control you will have.

  2. Cindy says:

    I’m sure Oprah has a plethora of resources for nutrition and exercise advice. I’m not sure understanding food in and of itself does the trick. She’s proof of that.

  3. Trisha says:

    Well said. I agree that Oprah does amazing things, however, ironically, she hasn’t made ‘the connection’ that diets don’t work!

    Instead we need to find something that we are willing, and able, to do for the rest of our lives! Exercising is great and important but she’s won’t be able to continue to jump on the treadmill when she is 90 years old! Why continue to do things that you absolutely hate doing.

    She would be better off going for a walk with her dogs, which she does love!

  4. Cindy says:

    I’m with you…walking the dogs – infinitely more pleasurable. I think with over-achievers there’s a real all or nothing mentality that gets in the way. Walking the dogs probably doesn’t seem high intensity enough. When over-achievers finally put their mind to something, they’ve got to go all the way – like running the New York marathon. Now there’s an achievement that says, ‘See! There’s nothing I can’t do!’.

    Not to say completing a marathon isn’t a fantastic achievement – but you can’t do it everyday.

    Moderation Oprah…moderation.

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