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Rose Caron, PhD Scholarship I haven’t mentioned Green Mountain at Fox Run much lately. And its true I may not be considered an uninterested party, but I happen to believe that the program offered here is the very best in the nation.  For those of you new to this blog, Green Mountain at Fox Run (Vermont) began in the summer of 1972 when founder Thelma Wayler, MS, RD, took over an empty dorm at Vermont’s Green Mountain College. There she began telling women that diets can make you fat — almost four decades before the idea became as accepted as it is today.

Green Mountain at Fox Run: Healthy Weight Loss

Today, Green Mountain operates out of a former corporate retreat on a hill overlooking Okemo Mountain and the Okemo Valley Golf Course, premier winter and summer resort areas in Vermont. Set on 26 wooded acres, the lodge is a comfortable, relaxing retreat. For over 37 years, Green Mountain at Fox Run has been helping women achieve healthy lifestyles and long-term weight loss through a practical, down-to-earth, healthy eating, non-diet approach to fitness and weight loss. The philosophy is focused on an approach to health that focuses on intuitive eating and the intrinsic joy of exercise, rather than on dieting and weight loss.

When you walk in the door to Green Mountain at Fox Run, you enter a proven educational program with a singular focus on healthy weight loss and we’re proud everyday to share our knowledge, expertise and friendship to thousands of women across the globe. The goal here is about long-term lifestyle change, not a short-term health spa vacation. In fact, our long-term published success rates are one of the highest in the United States.

The Rose Caron Scholarship

Consequently, we believe it is important to share what we know. And we know times are tough. Therefore, I wanted to take the opportunity here to announce the Rose Caron Scholarship to assist women in need of financial assistance who wish to improve the quality of their lives through serious lifestyle change. A limited number of scholarships will be provided each year to deserving women ready to take charge of their weight, their health, themselves.

Established in honor or Dr. Rose Caron, a nationally- renowned psychologist, who with her husband and research partner, Albert Caron, PhD, is credited with the development of the field of psycholinguistics of newborn infants. A graduate of Vassar (BA) and University of Chicago (PhD), Rose was a highly endowed researcher at the National Institutes of Health, Professor, George Washington University and Boston University, in both the departments of Psychology and Women’s Health Studies.

Rose attended the first program of Green Mountain in 1973 and became a frequent participant and advisor to the program. As Rose often shared, the Green Mountain philosophy approach and community of participants had a profound and positive effect on her life.

Rose felt strongly that a key element for the success experienced by the women who come to Green Mountain was that they were willing to make an investment in themselves, which attached a real “value” to the experience.

In celebration of Rose, Green Mountain at Fox Run is announcing a series of partial scholarships that will be awarded for Fall and Winter periods through 2008 – 2009.

How To Apply

Women interested in applying should contact me at (800) 448 8106 or email Anne Poirier.

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