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I was working out the other day and feeling quite proud of myself for getting on the horse (again) when I really didn’t want to. For the umpteenth time it re-emphasized the fact that I always feel better when I move my body – regardless of how I feel going in. Even if I’m tired, sore, or the idea of working out seems about as appealing as a spoonful of cod liver oil, I will feel better.

And isn’t moving your body just like taking medication for the body and soul? If we have an illness or we’re in pain, don’t we take the appropriate medication to feel better? Even if the prescription may be something unpleasant, we do it, because we know the outcome will bring relief.

I think it’s the same with physical activity. Just like taking medication, once it takes effect, you’ll feel better, maybe even wonderful! Our bodies like to move – they want to move. It’s important to get that blood and oxygen circulating – allowing your body to do its thing! There’s no better way to give it what it wants than giving it the appropriate dose of movement every day.

This is one of the first steps to realizing the intrinsic joy of exercise. Your body tells your brain that there will be a pay off off when you exercise, and before you know it, you’ll want to work out.

So, next time you don’t feel like working out – do what I do, think of it as a spoonful of cure. Its good for what ails ya!

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  1. Absolutely. The hardest part about exercise is getting out of bed. I never regret it after and always feel good. I guess you just need to keep reminding yourself how good you will feel after

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