Healthy Living: Becoming a Master of Joy


If you haven’t visited Annette Colby’s great website Loving Miracles take a few moments. It has a wealth of wonderful tips for taking care of ourselves, which for many of us is the ultimate answer for weight loss. You can also sign up for her e-newsletter which always has a lot of good insight that’s helped me more than once.

Her most recent e-letter focused on self-approval. Lots of good stuff in it, but I liked one step she listed: Learn to become a master of joy! Joy is the energy that makes you feel great – not just in the moment, but in the long-term. Joy generates the power to accomplish. Do things that require joy, and you will become more joyful. For instance:

 Eat delicious food and activate every sense while eating
 Sing from your heart and dance from your soul
 Do kind things for yourself
 Engage in activities that make you feel great to be alive
 Give yourself positive feedback
 Take action on the goals that are important to you
 Learn to relieve stress

I think I’ll go do all of the above right now!

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Marsha Hudnall, MS, RDN, CD

If you’re looking for an embodiment of dedication disguised as obsession, look no further. Marsha is a registered dietitian who has spent the last four decades working to help women give up dieting rules and understand how to truly take care of themselves. Her mission in life is to help women learn to enjoy eating and living well, without worries about their weight. She encourages women to embrace their love of food, which you might call being a foodie. If so, it’s appropriate because being a foodie means you pay attention when you eat. That’s a recipe made in heaven for eating well. Marsha is the President and Co-Owner of Green Mountain at Fox Run.

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