It’s Back To School!


Going back to school is stressful for everyone involved. Moms rushing around trying to make sure clothes are in order, supplies have been purchased and all the other perfunctory requirements have been met. Kids are stressed because, well, summer is over and they’re going back to school…ugh!

This is a time when the rhythm of the summer dance is interrupted and everyone has to put on a new pair of dancin’ shoes and get ready for a more demanding time of year. Anytime there’s a change in our routine we’re faced with a dilemma. How do we keep some focus on our own health, fitness and still manage our stress?

A simple tip for those of you out there struggling to keep it all together – plan for yourself now. Get out your calendar and while you’re filling it up with band practice, football games and PTA meetings, make sure you leave space in each day for you and what’s important in your life.

-Feed yourself by eating plenty of healthy foods! And make time to enjoy your food mindfully. (Yes, that includes a treat or two!)

-Keep moving your body! Schedule the aerobic activities that you love and don’t forget to hit the weights and stretch and flex your tired muscles – they’ll thank you!

-Set aside some time to keep your stress level in check. Maybe a little meditation, yoga or take a class in Tai Chi.

Being proactive in this regard can mean a much smoother transition into the new year and a happy, healthier you.

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  1. Cintia says:

    I like your approach to non-dieting. You got yourself a reader 🙂 happy weekend to you, Cintia

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