Healthy Lifestyles – Tossing Out The Baby With The Bath Water


We talk a lot about the all or nothing mentality on this blog, and I know sometimes it’s a tough one to get past. Just recently, I was reminded of my own struggle with this concept as I worked through yet another injury – a badly sprained ankle. (Yes, I’m officially a klutz). Falling flat on my face in front of my gym – ironic, isn’t it?

When an injury or any other legitimate circumstance takes us out of our every day routine, it’s easy to let other areas of our healthy lifestyle slip as well. For me, that can sometimes mean over eating, or at the very least eating food that’s easier to prepare and more convenient, which usually translates into high fat, high carbohydrate. Eating well and physical fitness seem to go frolicking through my life together, hand in hand, as if to say, wherever you go I go. We’ll climb up the highest mountain, or slide down that slippery slope – together.

The problem is when we become lethargic about moving our bodies, we usually get the same way about the food we eat – and how much we eat. Conversely, when we begin to overeat, which often makes us feel lethargic; we don’t feel much like moving our bodies. Throwing in the towel on both healthy eating AND physical activity is a sure recipe for weight gain.

Years ago, a sagely Green Mountain at Fox Fun veteran told me to remember that if you’re hanging on to one of the prongs of healthy living (healthy eating, movement and a positive attitude), you haven’t thrown in the towel. You haven’t given up. You’re still engaged in healthy activity which means you’re still being successful.

Those words of advice have served me well. If I’m going through periods where I might be eating more than I need or want I try to allow myself to move through that phase, naturally. This allows me to take a better look at why my eating may have changed, stress, environment, etc. Once I’ve identified it, I can work on making changes in that particular area, not be faced with looking at changing the whole ball of wax – a much harder thing to do.I just have to remember I’m always working at ‘living’, a healthier life – and it’s never going to be perfect.

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