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February is upon us, and it’s for lovers!  I’ll admit I lost a little of my squee for Valentine’s Day once we stopped passing out the little glittery cards that said, ‘Be My Valentine’ and ‘Will You Be Mine’, always accompanied with a boxes of candied hearts professing the same sentiment – now, that was romantic!

But, regardless of where you stand on February 14th, there’s no ignoring we’re moving into one of the most romantic months of the year…traditionally known for chocolate, flowers and maybe even a hot date or two. And even if you’re not expecting to receive a big box of chocolate covered cherries, there’s still something else you can get behind – National Wear Red Day!

Celebrate with women from all over the country and sport your favorite red ensemble on February 2, 2007. Maybe not as sexy as a dozen red roses, but what could be more important than having a healthy heart?  All the better to love someone with…

The American Medical Women’s Association states that heart health can be greatly improved with awareness of heart disease risk and our willingness to reduce those risks. Like most things regarding healthy lifestyle change, the earlier you start, the greater the benefit.  So, why not start today? Lifestyle improvements each of us can follow include finding pleasurable physical activity that you enjoy and will continue to do regularly – because you love it.

Efforts made toward reaching and then maintaining your own healthy weight, which features normal eating (while paying attention to low cholesterol, low saturated fat diet, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables) and managing life stresses and positive thinking.  Nothing, new there!

In honor of our hearts, this coming month we’ll try to focus some of our posts around tips, news, resources and best practices, in relationship to your heart health…and maybe even a little bit on romance, just for fun!

The Red Dress Pin is the national symbol for women and heart disease awareness. To purchase your pin, find a special offer HERE.

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