Healthy Lifestyles – Does Tea Really Count?


So is green tea really the panacea of all things healthy? Believers claim it protects our hearts while it diminishes the risk of fatal illness, protects against cancer, helps liver function, assists in weight loss and provides hope to Alzheimer’s victims.

That’s quite a list. Unfortunately, there are as many naysayers as there are proponents for the benefits of green tea. Some nutritionist’s claim that drinking more than four cups of black or green tea a day does offer some health benefits. Both types of tea contain antioxidants, which destroy free radicals and help protect blood vessels and just out today, there is evidence that green tea might prevent HIV infection by slowing down the spread of the virus in people who are already infected.

One thing we do know, tea is also a good source of fluid. I feel such pressure everyday to drink 8 glasses of water and rarely, if ever, do. It’s important to remember that it’s not necessary to get all your fluids from drinking water. Soups, tea and fruit provide necessary fluids too. And tea doesn’t dehydrate like coffee, because it’s very low in caffeine compared to coffee.

Tea seems to offer some real health benefits. But, like most cure all’s, it’s going to take a lot more research to identify exactly what and how it helps us. In the meantime, I’ll be drinking my tea for pleasure and hopefully receive some extra benefits in the bargain.

To find out more about varieties tea, visit Tazo’s website. Their tea is excellent and the site is just plain fun.

An addendum to the post above: We want to make clear to our readers that consumption of fluids throughout the day might be any fluid, i.e., soup, milk, whatever.  At Green Mountain at Fox Run we generally don’t encourage folks to focus on the number 8.  That’s really for the ‘average’ person, and who is average?  We just say drink plentifully. Focusing on the number is not in keeping with our overall philosophy.

5 responses to “Healthy Lifestyles – Does Tea Really Count?”

  1. Cindy says:

    Yes, Chartreuse. I agree. As I mentioned in my post there are many other ways to get the fluids you need and this topic (regarding the idea of 8 glasses a day)

  2. Chartreuse says:

    “I feel such pressure everyday to drink 8 glasses of water and rarely, if ever, do.”

    The requirement to drink 8 glasses of water a day is an urban myth. Drink as much water as you need to quench your thirst; there is no health benefit to forcing yourself to drink more.

  3. Chartreuse says:

    I really don’t understand though, why do you still feel this pressure to drink 8 glasses of water if you know it’s a myth?

  4. Cindy says:

    Good question! 😉 As I mentioned in the post I referred to, everywhere I look people are walking around with a bottle of water. I know that personally, I do not drink enough fluids each day and often times I’m not getting fluids via my food intake. I also know that at times when I think I’m hungry it may be more about thirst. To Marsha’s point, in that post, most women do not drink enough water. I know I am one of those women. Consequently, I do feel pressure to get water in everyday – whether I think I want it or not. Last year I had two surgeries. Both times they complained that I was very dehydrated. First thing I thought was, ‘hmm…must try to drink more water!’

    I now incorporate more tea, simply because I enjoy it and I think it may add some healthy benefits.

  5. Fit Gal says:

    Nature gave us thirst and hunger – and those are the only guidelines we should follow. Modern people would be much healthier if they learned to trust their instincts.

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