Healthy Information – Can You Get It From The Media?


Remember when you could pick up the paper, get information and not have to question its validity? I think we all sense that the quality of most reporting has changed. In their effort to get viewers, readers and market share, the media seems more concerned with getting our attention, than getting at the truth.  Especially, when it has to do with reporting on news about nutrition, obesity, weight loss and health in general.  Scientific research studies don’t make for snappy reading, so what we get instead are the all to frequent bi-lines and sound bites that are often misleading, at best.  But who has the time to read all the research findings and their implications provided in a scientific study?

I enjoyed this article on nutrition by Ed Blonz of The Contra Costa Times, where he talks about the recent findings in a low fat study and how this particular study reveals why so much media reporting is flawed.  I’ve also listed some links below which also provide additional information regarding scientific studies and reporting to the public. Check it out.

Links to research information resources:

Patient Inform
Harvard School of Public Health
Clinical Trials

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