How I Managed to Eat Healthy During The Holidays


When I used to struggle with eating and my weight, the holidays were a tough time. (Well, they’re not always easy now, but eating and weight struggles have nothing to do with that!)

How I Used To ‘Prepare’ Myself For Holiday Parties

I love parties, but ahead of time, I’d set myself up for problems by restricting food and focusing on my weight:

  • I’d worry about what I look like, “knowing” I really wasn’t acceptable at my weight.
  • I’d spend the days before the party cutting back on what I ate. I didn’t just diet, I starved.
  • I wouldn’t eat at all the day of the party.

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I remember one party in particular where that really backfired on me. Always one who could never drink much without feeling ill, those few glasses of party punch hit me hard that time. Let’s just say it wasn’t the fun party I was looking forward to.

How I Changed By Learning And Practicing Self-Care

thrive christmas holidaysAll that changed when I learned how to take better care of myself, not basing my behaviors on my desire to be thinner:

  • I ate regularly and I ate well and I ate what I wanted.
  • I reveled in my love of clothes, as much as I could find those that looked good on me at my size (that’s worth another blog), and as much as I could afford.
  • I had fun at parties. Okay, it wasn’t an overnight change in accepting my body but at least I didn’t set myself up like I did at that party I just described.

I’ve been part of Green Mountain at Fox Run now for almost 30 years and I’m happy to say that I’ve just continued to progress in my self and size acceptance as a result. We invite you, too, to become a part of the success that so many women have found at Green Mountain.

Holiday Helpings Program (November And December)

holiday helpings programJoin us for our special Holiday Helpings program in November and December, to help you enjoy the holidays without worries about eating and weight. We’ve also giving a $500 Green Mountain gift certificate for week-long stays in November and December. It’s good for consults with our behavior, nutrition and fitness staff, as well as massages. And you can use in it our bookstore Changes. Deadline is this Saturday, October 25, so if you’re interested, let us know by then. Hope you’ll join us!

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