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I posted this note last week, but a problem with typepad erased it.  Because I’m on the road again this week, making the subject of this post very relevant, I’m posting it again.

Eating_on_the_run_book I don’t know why I always have the idea that my summers are going to be peaceful times when we can sit back and take things a little easier than the rest of the year.  I always think with the kids out of school, we’ll slow down a bit and go through our lives a little more leisurely.

WRONG!  While this summer is presenting different activities, it’s really not that different from previous summers in terms of the things we have and want to get done.  I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say that I think I’m gone more than I’m home.

Of course, that leads me to the title topic.  Whether we’re on the road, or just busy, busy at home, we often view feeding ourselves as a last-minute effort. The result:  Thrown-together meals that may not do much for our well-being.

The book Eating on the Run is becoming a classic for those facing challenges in feeding themselves well in the midst of their busy lives.  It’s written by Evelyn Tribole, who also wrote the book Intuitive Eating, one of the first mass-market books on mindful eating.

This summer, you might try reading this one on the beach in lieu of the latest romance novel.  Well, maybe not.  But it’s still a worthwhile read and reference book.

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  1. Weight Loss says:

    That is an excellent book as it doesn’t matter what time it is or what season we are in, our lives are on the go 24/7. I put little healthy snack in my house so I don’t have to spend time making food for myself. I am really thinking about ordering “Eat on the Run” as that is exactly what I need.

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