Healthy Eating – When Home Grown is the Way to Go!


I drove by a sign this weekend which announced the opening of a farmers market very close to where I live. I was ecstatic! One thing to love about the summer – locally grown produce. Growing up a farmer’s daughter, I’m partial, but I think the proof is in the quality and taste.

A good friend of mine who spent several years studying with Campbell’s told me some interesting facts about tomatoes the other day. He shared with me that most tomatoes are genetically modified. In layman’s terms that means they are managed and manipulated (combining different genetic characteristics together), to look like the tomatoes we all knew and loved. The problem? They are very expensive without the taste, aroma or the love! Sure, they may be tougher to handling shipping around the world, but do they make my BLT taste any better?

Hey, I’m all for capitalism, but when’s the last time you bit into a store bought tomato and it tasted like one from grandmas’ garden? I think it’s time to support you local growers and pick up some produce the way God intended – a bit dirty, sometimes a wee bit bruised but delicious!

Support your local farmers by buying locally grown produce. It’s a good ‘real’ thing.

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