Healthy Eating: Halloween Candy Doesn’t Have to Be Scary


Be afraid…Be very afraid?

Are you spooked by all the candy corn, marshmallow ghosts, licorice black cats and other Halloween treats that are everywhere you look this time of year?  Are you haunted at work by coworkers who bring in bags to share? Are you apprehensive in stores, banks and even doctor’s offices because you know you’ll see little bowls of goodies just waiting for another victim? Eeeeeeek – what’s a healthy eating person to do?

Answer: Indulge a little!

In a past post called Holiday Treats Are Meant To Eat – Mindfully, Cindy points out that traditional holiday goodies are a good thing! The important thing is to be aware of your eating behavior:

  • Eat treats when you really want them. Not just because they’re there.
  • Give yourself permission. No sneaking!
  • Sit down. Be mindful. Savor the experience.
  • Taste what you’re eating. If you’re not crazy about fruitcake, leave it be, eat something that really rocks your boat.
  • Put closure on your eating. Treats are just that – a treat – not a substitute for lunch!
  • Make it count. Indulge in special holiday treats only in conjunction with a healthy diet. Don’t skip or skimp on meals because you had a piece of fudge!
  • Rejoice in the season.

So make a conscious decision to enjoy a Halloween treat once in a while, you’ll lose the fear and feel empowered!

One response to “Healthy Eating: Halloween Candy Doesn’t Have to Be Scary”

  1. I dont really get many trick or treaters, and i dont have kids so candy isnt much of an issue. BUT im a personal trainer, so a lot of the clients bring their candy into us, to get it out of the house. Ill eat bit, but mostly we just throw it away. i think thats what the clients want anyway, they just feel wasteful doing it themselves.

    Kelly Turner

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