Healthy Cooking Thursday – You Eat With Your Eyes First, Part Two


(This is a continuation of last Thursday's post on increasing the satiety qualities of a healthy meal.)

If you are careful about pasta, you know that the portion of 2 ounces of cooked spaghetti can be downright depressing, it looks so small. Use hollow pasta shapes such as penne and ziti instead. The same 2 oz portion seems much bigger.

Legumes are great for satiety. The fiber helps, but the portion size is what I love the most; an entire cup (or 3/4 cup with 1 ounce of cheese, nuts, or meat). It seems huge because, compared to the size of other protein portions, it is.

Texture is a big factor. Many people will never feel satisfied from a plain bowl of soup for this very reason. Crunchy items, like raw veggies, toasted nuts, and crackers help a lot. For this reason, adding texture from nuts or barely cooked veggies to grains make them seem much sexier.

Fruits and veggies add bulk to a plate and do the same to your belly…in a good way. The fluid and fiber contained within produce help fill you up while giving you great nutrients, flavors, and colors. Go for the gusto!

Last but definitely not least, eat (a reasonable amount of) fat. It may help you feel full quicker than other components of your meal, whereas non-fat foods can leave you feeling downright deprived!  Rich ingredients in appropriate portions, such as a beautiful cheese, can be very helpful towards reaching satiety and truly enjoying healthy eating.

What helps you find satiety in a meal?

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