Healthy Cooking Thursday – You Eat With Your Eyes First


Here at our healthy weight loss spa, we talk a lot about satiety. Satiety is more than just satisfaction, it refers to that feeling of being gratified from what you’ve experienced. And eating a nutritionally appropriate meal just might not be enough to cause that feeling.

For example, consider a perfectly healthy meal of baked chicken, brown rice, and yellow summer squash. Nutritionally speaking, it might be enough to fill your stomach, but consider what it looks like. Booooring. And that’s before we start talking about seasoning, or lack thereof.

  You are what you eat, so why not make bold, beautiful, healthy meals? 

Consider color. You could make that dinner I described above prettier by adding paprika to the chicken (red), turmeric to the water you cook the rice in (yellow), and fresh herbs to the squash (green). We often add red cabbage to romaine lettuce for a purple factor or carrots for a splash of orange. Mesclun greens (also known as spring mix) are a quick way to add green and purple to a plate, not to mention nutrients.

Think about how you are cutting things. I like to cut many veggies (cucumbers, for example) on the bias. Doing so gives more visual appeal. If you paid attention in art classes, you know that diagonal lines make something seem dynamic and exciting; why not impart that theory on your produce?  Diagonal cuts also make pieces seem bigger.  When we serve rich desserts at our weight loss spa, I cut them into proper portion sizes. But instead of squares or rectangles, I make triangles. It’s the same amount, but it looks MUCH bigger.

For more hints to find greater satiety in a healthy meal, tune in next Thursday…

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