Healthy Cooking Thursday – The Secret Ingredient is Love


The title of this post is something I often find myself saying to the ladies who come to Green Mountain. There is no greater truth than this, that if you do not truly love what you are doing, there is no reason that you will find satisfaction in it.

This goes for when you are cooking, when you are exercising, when you are learning, when you are eating, when you are working, when you are breathing… People often ask me why I smile so much, and frankly it’s because I’m blessed with lots of love in my life as well as the desire to put it in everything I do.

Can you force love? Probably not. But the world would be a better place if we all tried to practice it more. Focus your energy on loving the process, not just the end result. If you don’t generally like cooking, what can you do to make cooking fun? What if you invite a friend who is adept in the kitchen to come join you one afternoon to help you, or find a charitable group that you can contribute some cooking help to?  If the end result is to help others, that might inspire a little more love in your heart, too.  What goes around definitely comes around.

I suggest this today, in the middle of the craziness of the holiday season, because I hope that readers of our blog will remember that instead of chaos and dysfunction, the holidays are supposed to be about love. Love for your family, love for the belief system you follow, and maybe, hopefully, love for yourself, too. Breathe deep and channel love into whatever you are doing this holiday season, and beyond, and it will come back to you. Happy Holidays, my virtual friends!

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“Those who say the Dalai Lama is unrealistic in advocating unconditional love, I urge them to experiment with it nonetheless. They will discover that when we reach beyond the confines of narrow self-interest, our hearts become filled with strength. Peace and joy become our constant companions. It breaks down barriers of every kind and destroys the notion of my interests being independent from others’ interests.” -Dalai Lama

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