Healthy Cooking Thursday! Nan’s Pickled Broccoli


pickled broccoliIt’s no great secret that my husband Jamie is an awesome cook.  He shares my dedication to delicious, healthy food made with care, completely from scratch (as much as is humanly possible).  However, when you are building a business, as he is, you don’t have all day to slave over the stove.

This week’s recipe is one of Jamie’s favorite quick (yet from scratch) vegetable tricks, and a perfect one to celebrate spring’s return to Vermont, since the fresh produce available here is still lacking in quality and the warm weather makes cold salads more welcome.  It’s based on a dish his grandmother (Nan) and mother make.  If you want your broccoli to stay vibrantly green, use apple cider vinegar as Nan and Mom would, but it’s also very tasty with balsamic.  Overall, this recipe is extremely versatile; consider changing the seasonings, oil, or even the vegetable; canned green beans and frozen cauliflower work beautifully.

Jamie’s Pickled Broccoli

a bag of frozen broccoli
a splash of olive oil
a splash of apple cider vinegar
a sprinkling of garlic (fresh, for a stronger flavor, or powdered)
a sprinkling of basil (fresh or dried)
salt and pepper to taste
Blanch the broccoli in simmering water according to the directions on the package…or skip this step for a less permeating pickling and a faster preparation.  Put all ingredients in a container with a very tight fitting lid.  Hold it over your sink (just to be safe!) and shake it to coat the broccoli evenly.  Refrigerate and let the veggies soak up the vinaigrette for at least six hours, and up to 3 days.  The vinegar will soak in and make it zestier as it sits.  Taste it before you eat it and adjust seasonings accordingly.  Voila…veggies are done!
Check out the Green Mountain at Fox Run archives for more springtime veggie side dish recipes, like beauteous brussel sprouts!

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  1. Cindy says:

    I love broc and, of course, we all know what a super food it is. But sometimes it can be a challenge making it interesting. Anxious to try this next week. I like all things pickled!

    Ok, maybe not all things…

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