Healthy Cooking Thursday: Grilled Corn with Feta & Lime


It’s that time again in Vermont where sweet corn fields finally blaze into their glory as summer starts to fade.  A beautiful time of the year, although bittersweet for those of us who live here because we know we’re saying goodbye to this all-too-short season.  Maybe that’s one reason why the corn makes this time of year so much, um, sweeter.

Regardless, here’s one recipe for corn you’re sure to enjoy.  It’s from Peter Minakis’ wonderful blog  He regularly features recipes that live up the name of the blog, which means “gourmet” in Greek.  His recipes feed right into our philosophy at Green Mountain of finding beauty in our food.  Check out the blog — the pictures alone communicate that message so well.  (I am unfortunately picture-challenged right now on A Weight Lifted.  Please, please, web gods, make it so we’re up on WordPress soon!)

The recipe is simple:  Take 4 whole corn on the cob, rub ’em with olive oil, then sprinkle with paprika and grill on all four sides on a hot (medium-high) grill that you’ve wiped with vegetable oil.  (Peter tells you how to do that in the original recipe; bonus is that he also has great ideas for grilling salmon and making a dynamite Tarragon Potato Salad.)  While the corn is grilling, grate feta cheese that you’ve just taken from the freezer on to a plate, then place the corn on it, drizzle with fresh lime juice, then grate more cheese on top.  If that doesn’t spell yum, I don’t know what does!

I’m definitely making this this weekend with the already crumbled feta cheese I keep in my freezer.  One fewer step that makes this simple recipe even more so.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy fresh, sweet corn?

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