Cooking Thursday: Chipotle Lime Hummus


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One snack we serve at Green Mountain at Fox Run is vegetable crudite with hummus.  Making hummus every single week for this snack can cause a chef to get a little, shall we say, creative with flavors.  That is exactly what happened last Tuesday, in conjunction with a lemon allergy in the house.  But limes were fine, so I got to thinking…what the heck would work in a lime hummus??  After a few moments of brainstorming, the idea for the recipe before you hit me.

And that’s the thing:  Hummus is a flexible dish, and one that is very easy to make, since you usually just puree everything in a food processor and it’s done.  The hummus aficionados among you will likely notice that I don’t add a lot of olive oil to this recipe.  The tahini contributes some fat, as does the small amount of olive oil I left in for flavor.  You achieve a delightful fluffy consistency by adding water instead of the oil, anyway.

The one tricky ingredient to find that is a bit crucial for this recipe is tahini, the sesame seed paste that truly gives hummus its deep, rich flavor.  It can usually be found in a health food store or gourmet grocery.  I am loathe to leave it out, but if you just can’t find it in any stores near you, you can add a little toasted sesame oil to get a similar effect.

As for chipotle, I used two chipotle flavor sources in this recipe, but if you can only find one or the other, it’s okay, just use more of what you’ve got.  If you have canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce available at your grocery store, they would be a delightful substitution (add the adobo too!).  At home I prefer to use chipotle Tabasco and/or the dried chipotle powder, found in the spice section of good stores, simply because I have a hard time using up an entire can of chipotles in a timely manner.

Chipotle Lime Hummus

14 oz can of chickpeas

1 clove of garlic (more if you are fighting off vampires)

About 5 good drops of Chipotle Tabasco Sauce

1 teaspoon lime juice (about 1 good juicy lime)

1/2 teaspoon dried chipotle pepper powder

1/4 cup water

1 teaspoon tahini

1 teaspoon olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

1 tablespoon minced fresh basil

Rinse and drain the chickpeas very well.  Combine in the bowl of a food processor with the garlic, Chipotle Tabasco, lime juice, chipotle powder, and water.  Run the machine to form a puree, stopping ocassionally to scrape down the sides.  When a nearly homogenous paste is formed, add the tahini, olive oil, and salt and pepper.  (Overprocessing tahini and olive oil in a food processor can cause a bitter flavor.)  Remove from the food processor, stir in the fresh basil, and adjust seasonings if necessary.

Love chickpeas?  Try out our Chickpea and Feta salad, a great lunch idea from our archives (which is lovely pureed into a hummus, too!), where you can find other vegetarian entree recipes.  Just out of curiosity, what is your favorite flavor of hummus?

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