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I thought it was time to give a few shout outs to advertisers and cosmetic companies for embracing older women in their recent advertising campaigns. I’m sure this has more to do with the growing demographic shift in the marketplace than anything, as early baby boomers begin to hit 60 and Gen X-ers creep up on 40. But one thing’s for sure, women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s will not go quietly into the night – and that’s a good thing.

Just last week three 50+ actresses became Academy Award nominees for best actress. They are Meryl Streep, 57; Helen Mirren, 66; and Judi Dench, 71. None of which seem to have gone under the surgeon’s knife and all of which seem to have embraced their body types and not succumbed to Hollywood pressure, but let their talent do the talking.

Recently, several fashion houses and cosmetic companies have jumped into the mid-century market. L’Oreal for Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda – 61 and 69, respectively. (Two originals, that’s for sure). The eternally sexy Catherine Deneuve, 63, and Raquel Welch, 65, for M.A.C. Animal rights activist and Golden Globe winner, Kim Basinger, 53, for Prada; MENSA member Sharon Stone, 48, for Dior; Academy Award winner and political activist Susan Sarandon, who believe it or not just hit 60, representin’ for Revlon and finally, Christie Brinkley, 52, still a Cover Girl.

I appreciate not everyone is born with the bone structure of Catherine Deneuve or Sharon Stone, and maybe we don’t have the body of Susan Sarandon at 60, or the financial resources of any of the lovely ladies mentioned above, but they are all women who represent what it ‘feels’ like to be over 50. They remind the world that it’s not all over just because you hit 40.

Yes, I suspect these new ‘business partnerships’ came about because there’s a huge audience for their products. We’re perceived as motivated and we have the money to spend. BUT, if it gets women of ‘a certain age’ noticed for the beautiful, vibrant, imaginative, passionate creatures that they are and can be, that’s a win in my book.

Source: For more on this topic, check out this recent article by Anita Creamer of The Sacramento Bee. Anita’s article was the resource for the list of women above.

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