Are You Building Your Person Healthcare Team?


This is the time of year when many of us rush off to the doctor in hopes of taking advantage of our flex pay, HSA savings, or miracle of miracles —  exceeding our deductible. In the mad rush to get a physical, a mammogram, your teeth cleaned or new contacts, it becomes apparent how important it is to find a team of people who can support you in your effort to maintain good health.

And during this time of poking and prodding you may be reminded that you don’t really dig any of your healthcare providers. And when you reach a certain age, and visits to the doctor are more frequent, who is doing the prodding does matter.

Listen, I have a hard tme saying goodbye to a mediocre hairdresser, much less changing doctors mid-stream, but I suspect I’m not alone. Looking outside yourself for healthcare support may mean different things to different people. It could mean making that long overdue trip to your doctor to get a check up, or looking for a personal trainer who can help you work through your personal fitness issues.  It could mean employing a registered dietician or nutritionist to support your efforts to eat healthfully, or maybe its time to consider a terrific therapist who you can spill your guts to.

It may take a couple tries to find people you like.  Keep trying because when you do find them they can be like gold. Your state should provide listings to women’s organizations, which focus on women’s health, nutrition, fitness and emotional issues.  They can guide you to professionals in a wide variety of disciplines. Reaching out to friends or family to let them know you need their support can also be very important.

Creating your own ‘village’ is important in my view, because our needs may be better met when we bring together the expertise of folks who offer us different perspectives.  A woman’s total health is a complex issue. And each woman is unique.  Surrounding yourself with people who want to help you, gives you the feeling that you’re not alone, people care and most importantly, you can succeed at getting where you want to go.

A good place to start may be the book Our Bodies Ourselves, if you’re not already aware of it. Or, check out the resources page on our website.

3 responses to “Are You Building Your Person Healthcare Team?”

  1. Cindy says:

    I agree. It’s important to have medical professionals we like and trust. My current struggle is with an ob/gyn. The last one I had left to practice general medicine in another city and I haven’t found another (woman M.D.) that I like. It’s been two years since I’ve had an annual check up and mammogram.

  2. Cindy says:

    Hey Cindy. I can relate — finding a great gyno is not easy. Since moving to Vermont, I’ve still not found one I like. I’ve been much more of a doctor hopper in the last couple years. I guess we just keep shopping.

  3. Good points!! I recently started seeing a naturopath (and am blogging about it). I still plan to see my regular doctor for mammos and paps, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about telling her that my naturopath is addressing problems and asking me questions she (my regular doc) has never asked.

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