Health Spas, Healthy Weight Loss and the Green Mountain Difference


Unlike a health spa or weight loss camp, a stay at Green Mountain at Fox Run isn’t just about getting away from the frenetic pace of everyday life, nor is it a quick weight loss fix. It’s about what you’ll take home with you.

Anti-aging volcanic mud wraps or sea salt scrubs, although certainly rejuvenating once in a while, are not part of the daily routine at Green Mountain. Unlike most health spas which offer indulgent escape, Green Mountain, a healthy weight loss and fitness retreat, purposefully mirrors real-life eating schedules and exercise opportunities. Although massage and other amenities are available, the emphasis is on healthy weight loss and lifestyle changes that last.

Health Spas vs. Green Mountain: Quick Fix vs. Healthy Weight Loss

The difference is in Green Mountain’s proven healthy weight loss program for women and that we’re not trying to be all things to all people. When you walk in the door to Green Mountain at Fox Run, set against the backdrop of Vermont’s gorgeous Green Mountains, you enter a proven educational program with a singular focus on healthy weight loss. Whereas health spas offer a dizzying array of pampering opportunities and competing specialty programs such as smoking cessation, Green Mountain’s unmatched expertise is in healthy weight loss—it has been for thirty years. Women come from all over the world to Vermont for real solutions to life-long weight and eating struggles, and to make permanent lifestyle changes.

Unlike the one-size-fits-all temporary weight loss gimmicks and deflating sense of competition found at some health spas, Green Mountain is a healthy, supportive environment with specialized, individual attention for all participants.

Our approach is based on scientific knowledge of how women’s bodies work and an intuitive understanding of women’s weight and eating struggles.

At Green Mountain, we know that restrictive dieting is not the answer to the lasting achievement of healthy weight loss. The goal here is about long-term lifestyle change, not the short-term benefits of a few days of health spa vacation.

Caring, Experienced Staff

Our time-tested weight loss program is directed by caring, skilled professionals in the fields of nutrition, eating behavior, metabolism, exercise physiology, psychology and stress management—many of whom have spent their professional careers working exclusively in the weight loss and weight management fields. Their goal is to liberate women from the tyranny of diets, poor body image and low self esteem.

With a maximum capacity of 35-40 women here at Green Mountain at any time, each participant has ample opportunity for hands-on, personalized attention from the staff. With such an intimate enrollment, no participant is simply a number out of hundreds filtering through the classrooms each day. Instructors are knowledgeable allies who really get to know you and your unique needs and experiences.

A Supportive Community

Unlike a typical health spa experience, Green Mountain is for women only and the curriculum requires a minimum stay of at least one full week. The residential experience in our cozy, mountaintop lodge is fun and relaxed. Taking meals communally and discussion-oriented classes mean that the women here at Green Mountain create a supportive community while in Vermont and often keep in touch after they return home.

Because Green Mountain is about lifestyle changes that you can maintain at home, the support from Green Mountain continues after you leave Vermont. The professionals you now have developed a relationship with are available to answer questions by phone or e-mail or on the online discussion boards, to ensure that you can continue your Green Mountain success.

If you’re serious about taking charge of your weight, Green Mountain is an investment in yourself and your future.

It’s an experience that could change your life!

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