To Reach Your Health Goals, Know Your Destination


Women Who Come to Green Mountain Think They Want One Thing

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In my classes with the wonderful women that come to Green Mountain each week, it’s clear that they come for one thing.

They want to FEEL better.

We all want to feel better, don’t we? But what does that even mean to you exactly?

My guess is that you know a whole lot more of what you don’t want, don’t like, want no more of, than much about what you do want.

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As with anything you’re trying to reach or create, you really have to know where you are on the map to know exactly where your destination is.

But, if you don’t know the specifics of your destination, and what that looks, smells, sounds, tastes and feels like, how will you successfully get there? Or know when to turn left or right?

Getting There Requires Digging Underneath the Initial Goal

journey matters quoteMost of us know by now that it’s not the exact “having” of a thing or getting to a destination that feels better. Maybe in the first few moments, hours, or even days, sure.

But what really gets women to make the changes that take them from Point A to Point B is having a very strong connection to what it’s going to FEEL like when they get there. It’s visceral and it’s powerful.

When you want to get motivated to make a change, knowing exactly how you want to feel really matters. This requires digging underneath the initial goal to get to how you really want to feel in your life. Because knowing that, imagining that in vivid details, beginning to connect with those experiences (even at the weight you are now), allows you to focus on what feels so very wonderful for you specifically.

An Exercise To Help Find Your Way

You’ll need paper or something to write on.

  1. Start with what you want. Pick something really big that you imagine the having of will make a real change for you.
  2. Consider that you want what you want because of how you believe it will make you feel.
  3. Ask what is it that you want to feel – either as it relates to a specific situation or a relationship or around a particular goal? You want that thing, whatever it is, to open its treasures to you.
  4. What gifts would you be receiving if you got what you wish for? Focus on exactly what it is that you imagine you would feel in the getting of it.

How Michelle Figured Out What She Really Wanted

I had a participant named Michelle tell me she wanted to lose 40 pounds. I told her to start with that as her “thing.”

Next, I asked her to write what she really, really wanted, what she imagined would come with losing that amount of weight. She said to feel more beautiful, light, have more ease of movement, and be more at peace in her body and mind. She also said she would love for her body to do everything that she asked of it… a certain kind of body confidence, if you will.

Digging deeper, she realized that she wanted the feeling of social confidence – of being able to go anywhere she wanted, of feeling good enough to talk to anyone, and enter a room knowing that she felt and looked her best. She also felt losing weight would open the gateway to explore more ways of connecting to her own sexuality and exploring pleasure in new ways.

Stepping Into A Different Space

You shift your attention away from what you don’t want, what you’re struggling with, what you’re afraid you can’t get past…. and move into the realm of everything that will feel good in very specific ways. When that shift happens, you step into a completely different space. And that is the space that can create and manifest all of the pieces you’re looking for. And that’s a really good place to be!

Wishing you clarity and peace…

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