Can Sensuality Help Body Dissatisfaction?


“I hate my body” is a refrain I hear from women of all sizes. Body dissatisfaction oozes through our culture, bombards us with social media and chips away at our fragments of tender self-esteem.

As the holidays approach we are often visited by the ghosts of the past that invite us to compare ourselves with how we used to be and wish that our bodies were different. In a very short time, we slip down the slippery slope into angst, funkiness or even the pit of despair.

Using our senses to find our sensuality is a way to move away, get away, run away from the “hate my body” place.

What pleasure does your body offer you, sensually rather than sexually?

Our 5 senses offer a window into sensuality. Often our world becomes narrower and narrower when we use food to find comfort or not have to feel. Sensuality wakes us up to something besides weight focus and using food to numb.

Let’s Get Sensual, Sensual…

  • Massage those tootsies with a soothing scent and apply with gentleness
  • Snuggle up with your kitty-cat paying special attention to the feel of the fur
  • Savor a yummy, expensive chocolate as you discriminate the flavors
  • Visit an art museum noticing what painting speaks to your aesthetics
  • Listen to music that makes your soul sing
  • Wear silk pajamas in just-the-right color and enjoy the swish of silk
  • Crunch through the leaves on a windy day, bundled up and toasty warm

Body hate and/or ignoring your body discount the many pleasures that your body has to offer you. To think about what is sensual to you can be a way to spend time in your head that is not critical or hurtful to yourself.

Attention is the most basic form of love.

How can you attend to your sensuality and bring pleasure to your body?

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  1. Cindy says:

    A trip to TJMaxx always ends up with me coming home toting a sundry of soaps, lotions and good smelling loot. I usually tell myself I don’t need all that stuff…but then I think, ‘pampering is good!’ It’s a treat to come home and run a hot bath and try out everything new. It always makes me feel good. A long bath gives me the time, space and clarity I require to tune in and give back to my body.

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