Happy Thanksgiving!


I’ve been up since early morn.  It’s 11:00 and the turkey is already cooked. We’re getting ready to start prepping the rest of the meal — two kinds of stuffing, one gluten-free and one my traditional cornbread dressing; quinoa with roasted butternut squash; baked sweet potatoes (this year we’re tossing them in olive oil and kosher salt and baking whole); mashed potatoes; gravy; fresh cranberry sauce; roasted brussels sprouts; smashed broccoli and fresh fruit salad.  Sounds like a lot to cook but as it’s so traditional, I can almost do it without thinking.  Also sounds like a lot to eat, but we’ll be eating it again later tonight.  And for a few days — as long as it holds out.  No one minds that!

Our sincere wishes for a happy day spent with family and friends today, being grateful for all we have.  Our other tradition is to go around the table having everyone say what they’re thankful for.  One big thing we’re grateful for is to have all this wonderfully healthy food to share with our family, eating it in a way that makes us feel great, not getting caught up in weight worries.  And grateful that there is a strong movement afoot to help people move away from restricted notions of eating, so that we can all enjoy our special times (and not so special times, too) without unnecessary anxiety or guilt.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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