Happy Memorial Day! Food for Thought


I don’t know when I first became fascinated with food at the holidays, but I know I was a very young child. I was mesmerized by all the special treats unique to the occasion.  The care it took to prepare special dishes, many I hadn’t tried before.  The way everyone was enthusiastically ogling over a new recipe or the way the food looked so beautiful.

I’m sure I made an emotional, even romantic connection between the turkey on Thanksgiving, prime rib at Christmas, ham on Easter and potato salad and watermelon on the Fourth of July, with happiness and love. Food seemed to make people happy.

It’s unfortunate I spent the next 30 years dreading holidays because they meant I’d be forced to eat those foods I perceived as ‘bad’. High in fat, loaded with calories or just plain ‘not on my diet’!  It took me almost 3 decades to realize that eating any of my favorites foods, in moderation, wasn’t going to add up to a bloody thing.  Because one serving of strawberry shortcake never made anyone fat!

So, the only tidbit I will offer you on this Memorial Day, is to enjoy whatever dishes are traditional in your family.  Because if you don’t, tonight you might find yourself alone, in the dark, in front of your Thermador eating a cold meaningless spoonful of pork and beans, a tired deviled egg or horror of horrors some forbidden strawberry pie!

Why not enjoy it today, mindfully, with your friends and family? The way God intended you to…with laughter, peace of mind and a little love thrown in. Enjoy!

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