Happy, Healthy New Year


Having a few days to do a life “clean up” – balance accounts, file papers, throw away Publisher’s Clearing House entries – I also saw a few end of year wrap-up moments on TV. Not having kept up during the year with all these “interesting” famous people, I found myself feeling like an alien trying to learn about a culture through their television shows.

An unbiased observer might learn that stick figures that have appeared to spray painted themselves orange are to be worshipped, both for their bodies and their excessive wealth, neither of which they ever shy away from flaunting. However, even their wealth cannot purchase clothing that covers their emaciated figures, and underwear seems to be so expensive that even these “golden ones” cannot afford it. They seem to have reproduced in legion this year, as well as coupled and uncoupled, and spent a lot of time in handcuffs, but most importantly, it was all done in front of a camera.

Thankfully, 99.9% of the United States population is not represented above. I’m thankful that the seeds of the health and individual beauty message have been planted and are growing well. Of course, the hysteric obesity message rages on, but I believe the brighter the sun, the deeper the shadows. Here’s to the rest of us that wouldn’t be interviewed by “E!”– health and peace for us all.

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