Happy Feet Mean Happy Trails!


I’ve been hiking a bit more as of late in an effort to get outdoors. I use to walk, run and hike a lot, but not so much this past year. One thing I’d forgotten is how long it takes to toughen up your feet. Oye, the blisters! In the last few weeks I’ve treated a blister on every toe.

Blisters are the worst, because they usually don’t occur until you’re half way through your walk or run and realize the journey home is really gonna  hurt! I swear it would be easier to hobble home on a sprained ankle than trying to deal with just one tiny blister on your toe!

So, I thought as a favor to myself and some of our readers, I’d provide some tips on blister prevention, as well as what to do when you have a blister in the middle of a work out and what to do when you get home.

Some great tips: How to avoid blisters

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