What Does Happiness Weigh?


Joanne_KimballToday’s post introduces a new voice on A Weight Lifted. Joanne Kimball came to us as a participant, seeking a different approach to ending struggles with eating and weight. This post gives you insight into some of what she found here. FYI, Joanne also found a place here as our marketing director. There’s nothing like having someone who has personally experienced the value of something help spread the word about it.

Happiness and Weight

Like many of us, the scale has always been a powerful and demanding taskmaster for me. The shift of a few pounds up or down could make or break my mood, my day, my self-esteem. I gave so much of my happiness over to that innocent-looking little box sitting on my bathroom floor.

Numbers On The Scale Don’t Add Up To Self-Worth

But at Green Mountain at Fox Run, a power-shift occurred. I started to dare to believe that the numbers on the scale had little—maybe even nothing!—to do with my worth. I had even learned that those all-knowing numbers can be totally misleading. For instance, adding muscle and losing fat may not reflect any weight loss on the scale. But it might result in better fitting clothes, a healthier, stronger body and a happier attitude. What’s that worth?

When I returned home, I began experimenting. What if I gave up weighing myself completely? And even more radical, instead of waiting to feel happy after I lost weight, what if I just threw caution to the winds and started feeling happy NOW?

Giving Up the Scale and Negative Self-Talk

It started with a wedding for my nephew. The day of the event, I did the hair/makeup routine, dressed and looked in the mirror. The instant I did, an old track in my brain began to play, “If only I had lost five pounds before today. I’d look so much better…I’d feel so much happier.”

This time though, I recognized that tape. I turned it off. For the first time in forever, I truly didn’t care what I weighed. I only wanted to be happy. Today. And that I could do. I went to the wedding ate, drank, danced (a lot), and felt wonderful.

What Does Happiness Weigh?

Not sure. I do know for certain, though, that it far outweighs any number on a scale.

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