It Happened This Week: Happiness is a Size 14 Figure


The Daily Mail explains why “Happiness is Having a Size 14 Figure.”

Utah, Hawaii and Wyoming top the list in American “happiness” poll, reports the AP.

This month’s issue of Health magazine lists “America’s Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants.” Panera Bread gets top rank.

Reader’s Digest says Healthy Eating Begins at the Supermarket.

As a follow-up to our latest FitBriefing on eating healthy during the recession, check out this guide to saving money by growing your own produce, via The Daily Tiffin.

Marsha found a neat blog called How To Cook Like Your Grandmother.

One response to “It Happened This Week: Happiness is a Size 14 Figure”

  1. Katie says:

    Please note that a UK size 14 is smaller than a US size 14.

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