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As the seasons change here at Green Mountain at Fox Run I never cease to be amazed at the brilliance of the fall foliage season. I’ve lived in Vermont for 21 years and it never gets old.  There is such beauty in the heart of what nature is showing us, and when we can truly take it in, it can be so awe inspiring.  As the last leaves fall, we’re promised new growth in the not too distant future.

With that in mind, and as we celebrate our 45th year here at Green Mountain, again, I think about years of change and growth and the 10,000+ women that have been through our program.  As a founding thought leader in the health and wellness industry, Green Mountain has continued to evolve and grow in so many ways – in programming, staff, activities, immersions, and more.

All in the interest of continuing to support hundreds of amazing, beautiful women every year.

Here are some of the ways we’ve evolved recently:


  • With the evolving research base, we’ve added a new Metabolic Health Coaching Package – our skilled dietitians work one-on-one to address metabolic health concerns, including insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, PCOS, and more.
  • With that, we welcome an addition to our nutrition team, Ruth Goldstein, MS, RD. Ruth is a Registered Dietitian whose primary focus is on whole foods nutrition and helping patients set practical goals that reflect their lifestyle and health needs. She believes patients are experts in their own lives and joins with them on their healing journey to provide support, encouragement, and direction. Ruth’s background and approach is a perfect fit to our expert team.


  • This past summer we introduced a higher intensity fitness option, the Fitness Adventure Program. This optional add-on gave women looking for a more challenging fitness experience the opportunity to try fun, outdoor adventures such as zip-lining, ropes courses, SUP (stand up paddle boarding), kayaking, and more, while exploring our beautiful area in the mountains of Vermont.
  • This comes from our (somewhat) new Fitness Manager, Bibiana Sampaio, BS, CPT. Bibi brings energy and positivity to our community, offering expertise in functional fitness with modifications for anyBODY.

Clinical Program

Our clinical program through the Women’s Center for Binge & Emotional Eating (WCBEE) has also made some exciting changes:

  • As some of you know, we’re proud to offer the only center in the country exclusively for women who struggle with binge and/or emotional eating. This began at an off-site location about a mile from our main campus in the heart of Ludlow. At the beginning of 2018 we made the decision to move this back to the ‘mothership’ here at GMFR.  Coming back ‘home’ allowed our many participants to better access our clinical services, instead of impacting the experience with additional transitions between the two locations.
  • We’ve also expanded our program to better serve women at any stage of an emotional eating behavior continuum, whether concerned with emotional eating, dealing with emotional overeating, or struggling with binge eating.  We continue to offer expert care for women, in a unique, one-of-a-kind women’s only, retreat-based setting, and addressing only emotional overeating/binge eating behaviors, as opposed to eating behaviors that are more restrictive or with compensatory behaviors.  This allows our treatment and care to be specialized, which encourages more focused healing. By opening up our program to all of the eating behaviors on this continuum, and lowering the cost by half, more women are able to access the potential for growth and change in this program. We’re excited by these changes to better serve our women.


  • We are also incredibly excited to welcome our remarkable new Chef Greg Rems.  With a wealth of culinary experience and skill, Chef Greg dove right into the Green Mountain program, making delicious changes to our menu and leading interesting new cooking demos with our women. We’re excited for the coming year with him leading our culinary team!

More Exciting Changes

This year we also launched new week-long and weekend retreats, and updated existing programs with new workshops, activities, and immersions. Some new additions to 2018 included Gut Health Week, Fall Foliage Adventures complete with Forest Bathing, Sound Healing experiences and new additions to our popular Mindfulness Retreat in January 2019, new dance instructors, and more.

We’re also excited to once again offer a limited number of triple rooms, back by popular demand. The reintroduction of triple accommodations allows us to offer our program to more women at a lower rate.

Many have already reaped the benefits of our growth recently.  We’ve had a lot of energy here, with more participants than ever attending our program.

Our Women’s Center for Binge and Emotional Eating continues to offer expert care  as the only center of its kind exclusively for women in a retreat-based setting.

A Reflection with Intention

As I approach my 4th year with Green Mountain, I too have transitioned and changed along the way, as a woman, as a human, and as a GMFR staff person. I pause to reflect, to take it in and to allow myself to be awe-inspired by the growth I’ve seen over the past 4 years.

Woman at Wellness Retreat in VermontIronically, I spent a week at a mindfulness retreat with none other than the great Jon Kabat-Zinn, which was a powerful experience for me and allowed me much time to reflect on the many aspects of my own growth and change. It was during the Mountain Meditation that I reflected on Green Mountain’s evolution.  One of my favorite parts of the meditation was: “Through it all, the mountain sits, experiencing change in each moment, constant change, yet always just being itself.  …calmness abiding all change…”.

I reflect on the heart of Green Mountain at Fox Run.  Like the meditation – while the ‘weather’ around our Green Mountain constantly changes, the heart always remains just itself: a community of women growing, healing, and learning. The bedrock of Green Mountain being a growing, evolving, body of science and research, uplifting hundreds of women every year with compassion, encouragement, and connection.

During our program, we often take women through a mindful labyrinth walk, encouraging reflection on their own growth and healing through their stay.  Upon exiting the labyrinth, there is an opportunity to walk the ‘corridor’ of Green Mountain women who have been there before them. Prior Green Mountain women have left a stone of intention at the labyrinth.  Walking this corridor, women take in the intentions left for them from prior women. Intentions for peace, freedom, success, and joy.  At the end of the corridor, they, in turn, can also leave a stone of intention for future women, and so it continues.  With that, I’ll end my musings with an intention for continued growth and change at Green Mountain at Fox Run, for our women and our program.  Allowing continued transformation into our beauty.

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