Is Green Tea Really Where it’s At?


So is green tea really the panacea of all things healthy? Depends on who you talk to. I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately because I am far away from home and there are no Starbucks to be found. The horror!

Anyway, believers in the healing and healthy effects of green tea claim it protects our hearts while diminishing the risk of some fatal illnesses like liver disease and even some cancers. It also has shown to assist in weight loss and provides hope to Alzheimer’s victims.

That’s quite a list. Unfortunately, there are as many naysayers as there are proponents for the benefits of green tea. Some nutritionist’s claim that drinking more than four cups of black or green tea each day offers significant health benefits.

Both types of tea contain antioxidants, which destroy free radicals and help protect blood vessels and just out today, there is evidence that green tea might prevent HIV infection by slowing down the spread of the virus in people who are already infected.

One thing we do know, tea is also a good source of fluid. I feel such pressure everyday to drink 8 glasses of water and rarely, if ever, do. It’s not necessary to get all your fluids from water by the way – soups, tea and even fruit provide necessary fluids too. Also, there’s been confusion around whether tea dehydrates like coffee, but it’s very low in caffeine compared to coffee.

To find out more about varieties tea, visit Tazo their tea is excellent and the site is just plain fun.

One response to “Is Green Tea Really Where it’s At?”

  1. Sharon says:

    “Is Green Tea Really Where it’s At?”
    I drink so much black tea that my husband and sons think that I have a tea addiction.
    Actually, my grandmother and mother thought that tea cured everything from an upset stomach to heat stroke.
    Which, it could.
    I remember the first time I had this elixir of the gods.
    I was just getting over one of my random infections that plagued me as a child and my mother gave me a glass of iced tea with of all things…a straw in it. The straw alone was great fun, but I never had anything that tasted so fresh and good in my life and I have been hooked ever since…(although I had a brief flirtation with cola’s and diet cola’s in my teens and early twenties but that soon waned…)So I have drank, I think enough tea to rightfully float a battleship and kept Lipton securely in the marketplace.
    Yep, I love tea…Love it, love it, love it.

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