Great (Unrealistic) Expectations


I’ve been feeling a little crazed lately, and despite a wicked ear infection, there seemed to be something else driving the feeling. After a few minutes of reflection, I came up with what it was. I like to refer to it now as the Crazy Making Glaze episode or Achieving Inner Peace Through Three Weeks of Bad Hair Days. Regardless of the name, the experience did give me insight into a question with weighty ramifications:

When does “having hope” cross the line into “unrealistic expectations”?

Let me explain. For three weeks, I planned that I would “glaze” my hair at the end of the day, with one of the new hair coloring products. To have the most successful hair transformation experience, no styling products should be used 12 hours prior to application, or so saith the box.

The first morning I washed my hair, and dutifully skipped the gel, crème, and leave-in spray conditioner that makes the difference for me between a hair-do and hair-don’t. Then that evening, I decided that I was too tired to actually do the deed…I’d do it tomorrow.

As one day slipped into the next I suddenly realized that I’d had three weeks of bad hair days. I wondered how I had missed the moment when “Hope”donned her superhero cape and became “Delusion.” Knowing that Delusion and Unrealistic Expectations are kissin’ cousins, I stopped and reassessed what I was doing, and thankfully was able to stop the silly sca-hair tactics. And yes, thanks for asking, my mirror and co-workers are recovering nicely.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if you’re “hoping” to get to your “ideal weight” and the last time in your adult life that you weighed that amount was more than 20 years ago, perhaps it’s time to stop and take stock. When I say “ideal weight” I mean the magic number that you’ve made up in your head, regardless of fact, science, or circumstances, that when achieved will be the key to everything else in your life magically becoming perfect. Might it not be a better hope to set your sights on feeding your body well, moving it and thinking about it in kinder terms?

And on that note, I’ll leave you with some recommended reading –

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Lastly, truly enjoy every moment of this weekend – even if you have to force yourself!

Best always, Gina 🙂


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